New here?

Why be part of a church community?
The church is a place where the rule of God (in the Bible called the kingdom) happens.
In the church we can share our abilities with others to work for good and help others.
In the church others share their abilities with us to make our lives better too.
The church celebrates life and a sense of community God gives to us.  We are part of a family.
Church gives us something to build on to help sustain us throughout the week.  We leave a worship service “going in peace to serve the Lord.”


Frequently Asked Questions –

How do I get to St. Johns Lutheran Church?
St Johns is located in the middle of Shiremanstown on what is known as Simpson Ferry Road or Simpson Street but also Main Street in Shiremanstown. Here is a link to a map for directions to our church.

What entrance should I use?
For church services, you might first notice a church building on Main Street, but that is our offices, not our worship center. Instead proceed a half block south on Eberly Avenue and you will see the church with entrances on Eberly Avenue and on the east side of the building.
Parking is available on the east side of the church building, the south side of the church building across Green Street, or on the street.
For the Education Building, the entrance is just north of the main parking lot beside the church building.

What type of services do you offer?
Our 8 AM and 10:45 AM Sunday services are traditional Lutheran worship led by a choir and pipe organ. We use the Evangelical Lutheran Book of Worship hymnal.
Our 6 PM Saturday Service is a contemporary service led by our band, Faith Reigns

We also offer a 9:15 AM informal outdoor service during the Summer. This service is usually about 30-40 minutes in length. It is led with piano music.
Sunday School Education Classes are offered September-May.

How should I dress?
Some people at St. Johns dress casually. Others wear suits and dresses. Our philosophy is the clothing is NOT important. Dress in a manner which is comfortable for you.

What if I have small children?
Children are welcome to be a part of the church. They may attend services with you. There is also a nursery which is staffed during the 10:45 AM Sunday services year round. Our 8 AM Sunday service staffs the nursery September through May. The nursery room is always open in the event your child becomes restless. All nursery volunteers over the age of eighteen have their clearances.

Are there any requirements for me to come to worship?
There aren’t any requirements for you to worship with us at St. John’s. We welcome you to come and to come often.

Do you have more questions? Give us a call at 761-5121. We’ll be happy to answer them for you.